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ANCHOR 830-3 UTILITY is an industrial variant of the now classic padlock ANCHOR 830-3. The padlock is specially designed for use in the segments infrastructure, electricity networks, telecoms, water supply and in other demanding industrial applications. We have seen that customers in infrastructure demands robust and powerful padlocks designed with a focus on maximum safety and corrosion resistance at a lower cost. That's why we presented the ANCHOR 830-3 UTILITY. Various steps have been taken to reduce manufacturing costs. For example, the padlock has a shot blasted surface finish instead of grinded, which means that minor scratches and impact marks can occur on the lock. However, this has only a cosmetic significance and from a safety and corrosion point of view, the padlock is at least as good as the other ANCHOR padlocks. The padlock is designed for mounting of cylinders of the Scandinavian oval cylinders type.

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