Our channel towards private customers is primarily through certified locksmiths in Sweden. SLR. If you are a private customers and have questions about our products or want to order them, please contact one of these. Of course, we at ANCHOR LÅS are also available to help you. The easiest way to reach us is to fill in our contact form and one of our experienced coworkes will contact you.


The locksmiths who are an ANCHOR Service Center have an extended service function for ANCHOR products, such as making keys by code or sample key.

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      Advantages of being an ANCHOR Service Center

      • We will help you with signs.
      • We provide demo boards and dish displays.
      • We assist in planning selling padlock walls in your shop.
      • We train and support you continuously on our products.
      • We expose you as an ANCHOR service center on our website.

      How do I become an ANCHOR Service Center as a locksmith?

      First of all, you need an ANCHOR key milling machine and an indicator with which you read the key codes with. We also want you to be able to install cylinders, rebuild padlocks and have a selling range of padlocks in your store. This is to be able to serve the customers in the best way.

      A small investment to expand the level of service and get much more back.

      Contact us and we will tell you more!

      We hope that you will enjoy working with Swedish Quality Products!